Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Your Experience is You

Bernadette Roberts

“It is not difficult to see why the deepest self is virtually an unknown, or why we constantly experience its profound unconscious mystery. Because its deepest nature and experience is unknown some people identify self or consciousness as the mystery of the Divine, or identify it AS the divine. Indeed, we do this without knowing. 

“Thus, for example, we believe our experiences OF the divine to BE the divine when, in fact, what we experience is the unconscious responding to the divine. We might compare this to the experience of being stuck with a needle – our experience is our response to the needle, which means the experience is only our self, it is not the needle’s experience. We do not know the needle’s experience or its particular dimension of existence, in fact, we do not know if the needle experiences anything at all. So too, when we experience the divine the experience is our response to the divine, which means the experience is only ourself – our unconscious self.”

What is Self?, Part I – The Function of Consciousness