Wednesday, June 29, 2022

On a Wind and a Cloud

 Bernadette Roberts

That which was experiencing God will eventually fell away, and with no experiencer, there is no experience any more. This is where everyone thinks they would really like to be. Using the example of the balloon again, let’s say that the balloon is stretched until it becomes transparent like a bubble. When it is stretched that thin, you can hardly tell the difference between inside and out. 

All of a sudden, it pops and the little drop of water falls out and evaporates into air. When consciousness actually falls away it feels more like a flowing, not really like a drop or a falling, but more like a flow. The drop of water then evaporates and goes up into air – that is like the Ascension experience. Remember how he was taken up into a cloud, in the air? In one place in scripture it says that Christ is going to come again on the wind and a cloud.

Essence Video, © Bernadette Roberts 1999