Thursday, September 17, 2015

We Do Not Realize Anything

Bernadette Roberts
"In the Christian journey the term ‘realize’ is totally foreign. We do not ‘realize’ God, Trinity, heaven, or realize anything. What we know of these mysteries is pure gift, something given to us, not something we got on our own or figured out. Equally foreign is the term ‘enlightenment’. Thanks to the gift of the Holy Spirit we are constantly being enlightened. Were it not for this we would not make much progress in the journey. As to which piece of enlightenment is most important, they all are.

"Looking East, I find it curious different people regard their particular piece of enlightenment as definitive or as far as one can go. But this side of the grave, who knows what God can do or what He may reveal? For sure, the sole definitive enlightenment people will ever have is when they are no longer around to tell us about it."
Essays on the Christian Contemplative Journey: Nonduality, pages 71-72

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