Sunday, September 27, 2015

Where All Lovers of God Lose Their Way

Blessed John of Ruysbroeck
"God contemplates Himself and all things in an Eternal Now that has neither beginning nor end. God is a flowing and ebbing sea which ceaselessly flows out into all his beloved. 
"Fervent interior spirits have chosen above all things that dark stillness in which all lovers lose their way."
The Spiritual Espousals (c. 1340)


  1. Hi, Patricia, I've lost the way of meaning on that last sentence- if you have the inclination, perhaps you could expound? Thanks!

    1. To know "that dark stillness" is beyond the mind, so though something can be said about it, only God's revealing it can make it understandable. It is the same darkness of which St. John of the Cross speaks in his writings, an overabundance of light which blinds us. Here, when Ruysbroek says: " which all lovers lose their way", he is saying that once God reveals Its closeness and majesty, our 'way', our will, goes out the window. This can happen at conversion for some people, and for other, not until the entry into the dark night that is the door into the Unitive State.


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