Saturday, October 17, 2015

Central Icon of Christianity

Bernadette Roberts 

"The mistake of Christian thinking is that Christ is just one “particular” human being – the person Jesus. That only the man Jesus is Christ, however, shreds the whole purpose and revelation of the Incarnation. To think God went to all the trouble of eternally uniting Man to Itself just to reveal one particular human being, is too naïve for words. Prior to the Incarnation there was no man Jesus, in fact, prior to the “Incarnation” there was no “Christ”, there was only God – the Trinity. …

"Everyone, of course, needs an icon, someone to exemplify the ideal, someone who sets the bar or acts as the standard against which others can be measured. Thus, the man Jesus is the central icon of Christianity. God’s common human nature, however, is not that of any particular being or person, not even the man Jesus. Still, Jesus was God’s example of someone who with his death, Resurrection and Ascension, became Christ, became God’s own human nature. So while the particular man Jesus was certainly the earthly example of one who lived in union with God, yet, the mystery of Christ is not the man Jesus or any particular man or individual. The mystery of Christ is beyond both the individual (particular) and the multiple. The mystery of Christ is Universal."

The Real Christ, page 227

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