Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our Will, Our Choice

Mother Teresa of Calcutta
"My willpower is my own. God has created all things. All the butterflies, the animals, nature – God has created for us. To them He has not given the willpower to choose. They have only an instinct. Animals can be very lovable and love very beautifully, but it is out of instinct. But a human being can choose. That is the one thing that God does not take from us. The willpower, the power to will. I want to go to heaven, and I will, with the grace of God. If I choose to commit sin, that is my choice. God cannot force me otherwise. 
"That’s why when we become religious we give up that willpower. That is why the sacrifice is so great: the vow of obedience is very difficult. Because in making that vow you surrender the only thing that is your own – your willpower. My health, my body, my eyes, my everything, are all His and He can take them. I can fall, I can break, but my willpower doesn’t go like this. I must choose to give it and that is beautiful."
Daily Meditations from the Words of Mother Teresa, page 143

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