Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Wellspring of our Religion

Bernadette Roberts
"We must be sure to derive our religion from its original wellsprings, that is, from the unconditioned depths of our own experience of the divine, and not from a conditioned level of consciousness or any secondary source. Change on the conditioned level is merely the presence of a new idea or insight, which is incapable of bringing about true change or having any lasting effects. But change on the unconditioned level where consciousness emerges from the divine and eventually dissolves into It, involves an irreversible change, one that moves outward like ripples on the pond, to affect us all. 
"On the surface it would appear that religion has been the cause of war, unrest, and the lack of peace in the world. But if we look deeper, we find no religion there at all. Instead what we find is religion being used as the excuse, the mask, and the facade for the warring, domineering, authoritative ego. While women cannot change this fact, they can nevertheless be mediums of the divine in pointing up the transcendent, non-egoic, contemplative, and mystical depths that alone are the sole essence of true religion."
Women and Mysticism, from The Spiral Path


  1. This is exactly what I have been struggling to understand. How does one identify and connect with that original wellspring and at the same time find community with religion? I like that post you had about solitaries and need to find more about it.

  2. Elena, in my experience, finding community in religion is not in the same category of importance as finding the 'Wellspring'. Remember, the 2 great commandments are given in order - with loving (knowing) God first; neighbor and self, second. What I can testify to in my own life is - if we give all our time, love, energy and passion to finding the 'wellspring', all else will be added to us. Patricia


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