Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Use Every Moment

St. Basil the Great
"Let not the whole night be the special and peculiar property of sleep, but let it be divided between sleep and prayer. Nay, let sleep itself be an exercise in piety, for such as our life and conduct have been, so also of necessity will be our dreams.
"So shall we pray without ceasing, if we pray not only in words but unite ourselves to God through all the courses of life. So will our life become one ceaseless and uninterrupted prayer."
In Martyrem Julittam, paragraph 3
(quoted in The Way of the Mystics, Margaret Smith, pages 55-56)

(From Patricia: I offer this for other insomniacs that may be reading these posts. Let’s not waste those crumbs (or sometimes boulders!) of time alone and awake. I offer you Pope Francis’ “Five Fingers Prayer” which has become my late night friend.)

FURTHER COMMENTS: Pope Francis' Five Finger Prayer

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