Tuesday, October 13, 2015

When Troubles Come

Bishop Fenelon
"When you feel your heart is sinking under trouble, be simple and frank in saying so. Do not be ashamed to let your weakness be seen, or to ask help in your urgent need. So doing, you will advance in simplicity, in humility and trustfulness; you will go far to root out self-love, which keeps up a perpetual disguise in order to seem cheerful when it is really in despair.

"Furthermore, try to amuse yourself in whatever may lighten your solitude and keep off weariness or boredom, without exciting or dissipating yourself with worldly pleasures. If you nurse your troubles in silence they will grow stronger and finally overpower you, and the unreal courage which self-love creates will cause you a world of harm."
The Royal Way of the Cross, page 167

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