Wednesday, November 11, 2015

God's 'Mission" for Us

Bernadette Roberts
"God’s ‘mission’ for a man’s life is one he’ll never know because God alone can carry it out and make it happen. What man thinks is his mission and all useless striving to make it happen will only come to naught."
The Real Christ, page 69

(From Patricia: God's 'mission' for us is possibly far beyond our ability to grasp it fully. I heard Bernadette say at a retreat that when Jesus died, for all intents and purposes his life was a total failure, a failure to complete what he saw as his mission as the Jewish Messiah. And yet even someone who is not a Christian would have to say that he changed the world. So never think you know the value of your life with God. Your destiny is uncertain but your obligation is always clear.)

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