Friday, November 13, 2015


Bernadette Roberts

"A single insight is not sufficient to bring about any real change. In time, every insight has a way of filtering down to our usual frame of reference, and once we make it fit, it gets lost in the milieu of the mind, the mind which has a tendency to pollute every insight. The secret of allowing an insight to become a permanent way of knowing and being is not to touch it, cling to it, dogmatize it, or even to think about it. Insights come and go, but to have them stay, we have to flow with them; otherwise, no change is possible. It’s a mistake to think that because we’ve been thrown the ball, we know in which direction to run.

"Perhaps our greatest insights are lost this way: we plunk them down in our usual frame of reference and go nowhere. But if we’re really ready when the ball comes, the sheer momentum will carry us and place us in the flow – wherever it is going. Now I pass this along only because I had to learn this the hard way, for when the pieces didn’t fit, or when an insight fell outside my frame of reference, I felt more lost than was really necessary. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble, looking and searching for my own unanswerable questions."

The Experience of No-Self, pages 28-29

(From Patricia: What do we usually do when an insight comes? Make a determination to change, share it with a friend, or, if it is a really good one, think about starting a new religion or a new branch of an old religion? A real insight will change you. It is often the sign of a change already underway that has now come to consciousness.)

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