Friday, November 27, 2015

Rest in God's Hands

Evelyn Underhill
"Don’t strain after more light than you’ve got yet: just wait quietly. God holds you when you cannot hold God, and when the time comes to jump he will see to it that you do jump – and you will find you are not frightened then.

"But possibly that is a long way ahead still. So just be supple in God’s hands and let him mold you (as he is already doing) for his own purposes, responding with very simple acts of trust and love."
Letters, 1933


  1. That's very timely for me, Pat. Thanks for posting.

    1. When I received your Jan 29th comment on this November 27 quote, I went back and read it again - and it helped me too! That is how it works sometimes. You are most welcome.


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