Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Signs of Attachment

Father Tadeusz Dajczer
"An obvious sign of attachment is your sadness in situations when God takes something away from you. He will, therefore, take that by which you are enslaved – hence everything that is your greatest enemy, that which causes your heart not to be free for him. It is when you start to accept this and do it cheerfully that you will become more and more free.

"As a disciple of Christ, you are called to prayer; and that is to contemplative prayer. For your prayer to become contemplative – that is, a loving gaze on Christ' a free heart is essential. That is why Christ fights so much for your heart to be free. He fights through various events, through difficulties and storms, by putting you in difficult situations, all the while giving you a chance to cooperate intensely with grace. In this way, all these difficult moments and all the storms are a grace for you."
Inspiring Faith

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