Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Trust Must Be Our Answer

Sister Ruth Burrows
"Jesus himself was aware of the underlying, all pervading fear in the heart of man and must have known its ground in himself. He saw the cheapness of life; people dropping to the earth dead, no differently than sparrows. The fragility of life! Fevers and disasters carrying people off in an hour; here today and gone tomorrow. He was in continual contact with the maimed, the wrecked, the mad. He had the answer, not the explanation. ‘You have a Father in heaven who knows. He loves you. Not a hair on your head shall perish.’ What a superb guarantee, which, if we could really make it our own, we overcome our fear of life and death. You, as a person, are affirmed and guaranteed absolutely by the only One who can do so. Fear not, learn to trust the rock-like fidelity of your Father.

"It often seems to me that what, from outside, seems to us to be sin and wickedness – violence, crime, drug-taking, sexual promiscuity – is not so in God’s sight. Is it anymore, I wonder, then the frantic screaming of the child in the frightening darkness of the night? Blind trust is the only answer to our sufferings state; a trust which leads us to accept with all our heart that God is our Father, Abba, and in that sureness, go on – without understanding."
To Believe in Jesus

(From Patricia: Jesus’ suffering on the cross tells us that, this is not a God that saves us from things. This is a God that goes through things with us.)

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