Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Expect a Miracle

Author Unknown
"Mom, is the moon getting bigger and bigger?" my three-year-old asked, surveying the horizon. 

"No, honey," I chuckled. "That's an optical illusion caused by how close it is to the horizon."
But then...I turned and looked.

(From Patricia: I love this little story because it shows how we are always available (even hopeful) for the possibility of something miraculous. And what better time could there be for miracles, than Christmas! 

I copied this down from a New Yorker magazine, found in the doctor’s office. Sadly, I failed to write down the author’s name.  It was from an article called something like 10 short science fiction stories.)


  1. Miracles seem to happen when I have no conscious expectation but something makes me turn and look anyway. Peter


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