Thursday, December 24, 2015

God's Sign is the Baby

Pope Benedict
"God’s sign is the baby in need of help and in poverty. Exactly the same sign has been given to us… God’s sign is simplicity… God’s sign is that he makes himself small for us. This is how he reigns. He does not come with power and outward splendor. He comes as a baby – defenseless and needing our help. He does not want to overwhelm us with his story. He takes away our fear of his greatness. He asks for our love: so he makes himself a child.

"He wants nothing other from us than our love, through which we spontaneously learn to enter into his feelings, his thoughts, and his will – we learn to live with him and to practice with him that humility of renunciation that belongs to the very essence of love. God made himself small so that we could understand him, welcome him, and love him… Christmas has become the feast of gifts in imitation of God who has given himself to us. Let us allow our heart, our soul, and our mind to be touched by this fact!"
Quoted in Magnificat magazine, December 25, 2014

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