Friday, December 11, 2015

How to Follow Jesus

Bernadette Roberts
“Since Jesus neither knew Christ, nor understood himself in the light of later Christianity, his focus was never on some other individual person or human being, much less on himself. Jesus’ focus was solely on God, who he sometimes referred to as Father. 
So if people are to regard the man Jesus as a model for their own lives, like Jesus, they too would focus solely on God and not on any human being – and certainly never on themselves.”
The Real Christ, page 68


  1. I am going to offer a yes-but here. One cannot focus on God until he has focused on himself and resolved the problem of self-identity and succeeded in self-expression, the predicates to self-surpassing. A person stuck in the quagmire of ego lacks the capacity to choose God. That Jesus was born in the unitive state seems unlikely to me but he was certainly in that state by the time his ministry began. Thereafter he could choose God and possibly could not not-choose God. But my point is that the self must develop before such a choice can be made.

  2. Peter, I appreciate your comments (as always) but I guess that here, we will have to agree to disagree. That whatever God is, would require us to figure out self and 'succeed in self-expression' before we can choose or focus on the Good (God), would indicate a pretty weak God, dependent on our self. That is self's usual point of view of its ultimate importance in everything. All people who begins the journey of 'choosing God' begin in the 'quagmire of ego'. We must 'start where we are', to quote Pema Chodron - and God is not outside of where we are, waiting for us to figure things out and get it right. The intensity of our desire is itself the path and that intensity is not dependent on psychological maturity. When we make gestures of good intention, again and again, Something sees it and responds. Grace is God's response to our response.
    It is true that when God touches us we only experience what our present state of consciousness can bear. And as consciousness (self) changes and matures, our experiences changes - and ultimately dissolves. But the lifting of attention and energy toward Truth as we know it, regardless of the state of self, never goes disregarded by Reality. When we see the truth of that, we make the Invisible, visible. I am telling you, as best I can, what I know to be true. (Patricia)


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