Monday, December 28, 2015

The Purpose of the Incarnation

Bernadette Roberts
"The purpose of the Incarnation, then, was not to reveal the man Jesus – who never existed prior to the Annunciation – but to reveal Christ as everyman’s destined oneness with God. As the fathers said, Jesus was the instrument of this revelation, a living example of it, yet, beyond his individual life, “Christ” is the eternal Archetype of every man’s “way” to eternal life in God. 
"The Incarnation then, was not the revelation of a man, but the revelation of “universal man”. If all God had to do was unite Itself with one human being, no incarnation would have been necessary. Christ, however, is more than God’s oneness with a particular human being. The Incarnation was God creating its own human nature, uniting Its one essence with the one essence of mankind, and it is this eternal union of essences we know as “Christ”."
The Real Christ, page 226

(From Patricia: To celebrate Christmas in truth is to open our eyes to God’s view of reality. What does Christmas mean to God?)

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