Monday, December 21, 2015

The Temptation of Discouragement

St. Francis De Sales
"So go forth very bravely in perfect trust of the goodness of God who calls you to your holy task. Mistrust of your own powers is good as long as it is the groundwork of confidence in God’s power; but if you are ever in any way discouraged, anxious, sad, or melancholy, I entreat you to put this away as the temptation of temptations; and never allow your spirit to argue or reply in any way to any anxiety or down-heartedness to which you may feel inclined.
"Remember this simple truth which is beyond all doubt: God allows many difficulties to beset those who want to serve him but he never lets them sink beneath the burden as long as they trust in him. This, in a few words, is a complete summary of what you most need: never under any pretext whatsoever to yield to the temptation of discouragement, not even on the plausible pretext of humility*."
 Selected Letters, Elizabeth Stopp
(*Emphasis, mine.)

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