Friday, December 18, 2015

Unless God Utters Itself in You...

Thomas Merton
“Finding God” means much more than just abandoning all things that are not God, and emptying oneself of images and desires. If you succeed in emptying your mind of every thought and every desire, you may indeed withdraw into the center of yourself and concentrate everything within upon the imaginary point where your life springs out of God: yet you will not really find God. 
"No natural exercise can bring you into vital contact with God. Unless God utters himself in you, speaks his own name in the center of your soul, you will no more know him than a stone knows the ground upon which it rests in its inertia."
New Seeds of Contemplation, page 39

(From Patricia: Thanks to all of those who send me words of encouragement after read A Rude Awakening. Each time something shattering happens, afterwards what I see is the degree to which I was unaffected by it. And that is where God is, I'm convinced.)

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  1. Thank you again for A Rude Awakening, which I forgot to say in my comment was very well written, although that probably went without saying. It seems to me that the unaffected, unmoved, untraumatized self is where we meet God. Where Christ is revealed perhaps?


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