Thursday, January 21, 2016

Advice for Spiritual Directors

Bishop Fenelon
"Begin by acting, and then you can speak. Do not indulge any failings (yours or others), but bear patiently with every possible infirmity (yours and others). Wait for those souls whose progress is slow; you run the risk of discouraging them by impatience. The more vigor you need, the more gentleness and kindness you must combine with it.

“Study much more how to get a knowledge of the hearts of those under your care, and to adapt yourself to their needs, than to talk fluently with them. Let them see that your heart is open to them, and let all learn by experience that they can open theirs to you with safety and comfort."
The Spiritual Letters of Bishop Fenelon

(From Patricia: When I was young, my father would sometimes say to me: "Your actions are speaking so loud I can’t hear what you are saying!")

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  1. I find this true of my work in Chaplaincy - the intangibles, like receptivity, authenticity, gentleness are much more important than the objective means given in training to do... in letting go, or allowing to be, creates some Spaciousness where a lot we never could have gotten or given happens.


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