Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christian Morality

Pope Francis
"Christian morality is not a titanic effort of the will, the effort of someone who decides to be consistent and succeeds, a solitary challenge in the face of the world. No, Christian morality is simply a response. It is the heartfelt response to a surprising, unforeseeable, 'unjust' mercy of one who knows me, knows my betrayals and loves me just the same, appreciates me, embraces me, calls me again, hopes in me, and expects from me."
Homily at Mass, January 1, 2015

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  1. When the "self" falls away and there is no longer any "me" nor as Bernadette has said, a "me" that can "experience" God, who is the "me" that God "appreciates, embraces, calls, hopes in and expects from?"


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