Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dedication to God's Revelation

Bernadette Roberts
"Today there is a tendency to mistake the natural development of the psyche or consciousness for the true nature of man’s spiritual journey. People have not only made the case that the spiritual journey depends upon one’s psychological maturation, but even made it synonymous with it. Yet there is nothing particularly spiritual about consciousness or its natural development, and no study of psychological development has disclosed this fact. So there is nothing to back up the claim there is anything autonomous or developmentally natural about the spiritual journey.…

"The goals and norms of psychology may even be diametrically opposed to the requirements of spiritual development. When the spiritual goal is lowered to focus on the psyche – one’s own consciousness or self – instead of on God, then we are being led in a direction opposed to authentic spiritual development. Only total dedication to God’s revelation can bring us to the final destiny God intended for man. Anything less only stunts and retards human development."
Essays on the Christian Contemplative Journey, pages 6-7
Essay: Our Spiritual Journey Recapitulates the History of Religion

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  1. Demonizing that which isn't, or isn't thought to be, purely spiritual practice is unnecessary. Spiritual leaders like Frs Thomas Keating and Richard Rohr are following a different path, which embraces all valid perspectives, seeing them as allies in the spiritual journey, which they are. Pope Francis is setting the tone for this. I will say no more as the difference between what is quoted here and my own thinking is too great to argue about. Peter


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