Sunday, January 24, 2016

'God' is Not a Name

Bernadette Roberts
"As far as names go, God has no name, thus the term “God” is not a name. “God” simply designates (points to) the ultimate mystery of existence – as far as man can go, or beyond which, he knows of nothing that exists. Actually the term “God” is one of the broadest, most un-exclusive terms man ever came up with. All other terms – like “light”, “energy”, “source”, “bliss”, “love”, you name it – are all exclusive terms describing an individual’s experience of God, terms, however, that are not what God is. Nobody knows “what” God is, we only know “that” God is – and this, by revelation alone. …

"We can define God, then, as “That” which can only be revealed – “only”, because of himself man cannot come upon God. Where there is no revelation I hold there is also no true religion, but instead, mere philosophy, speculation and myth. Without revelation no certitude is possible, not even the certainty God exists. We might add, “That” which is revealed never identifies Itself by the term “God” or says anything at all. The term “God” is man’s term for “That” beyond which nothing exists."
Essay on the Christian Contemplative Journey, pages 4-5
 (Essay: Our Spiritual Journey Recapitulates the History of Religion)


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