Thursday, January 14, 2016

Let the Past Be

Brother Anselm Gruen
"God knows about our failures. And we will err again; we can’t put up any guarantee for ourselves. But we should give sin no power over us. One way to deprive it of such power is to let the past be, to give up thinking about it. Hold it out to God and pass it on to God. Then it’s over and done with; we shouldn’t worry about it anymore."
Heaven Begins With You, page 99

(From Patricia: Whenever I post a quotation about 'sin', whatever the writer may have in mind, I am thinking of the word in its true meaning - 'missing the mark', that is, whatever turns us away from God and toward self. I have had some experience with what Brother Gruen is suggesting. Once after a general confession, a Carmelite priest said to me, "Now if you find yourself thinking about these sins and regretting them or judging yourself for them again, just tell yourself 'I'm done with that now' and turn away." This takes some determination at first but once it becomes habitual, it is incredibly freeing.)

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