Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Set Out Without a Map

Servant of God Madeleine Delbrel
"Set out without a road map to discover God, knowing that the way is sure and has no ending. Don’t try to find him through new techniques but let yourself be formed by him in the poverty of a banal life. 
"Monotony is a kind of poverty; accept it. Don’t look for beautiful trips in your imagination. May the varieties of the Kingdom of God suffice for you and bring you joy."
The Joy of Believing

(From Patricia: I am dedicating today and the next 3 days to this same author because of the wisdom for living to be found in what she has written, and because she speaks in a way and a language somewhat closer to our own time. Also, I just loved reading "Monotony is a kind of poverty; accept it"! Who can't use that advice? Such a practice is what is meant by 'making a virtue of necessity'.)


  1. Monotony, the thing to be avoided in this world no matter what: when I think of the energy I've wasted in avoiding monotony and what I've missed - the presence of God is monotonous after all - I think about dedicating my life to accepting what is as it is and as I am. Peter

  2. This one has stayed with me for days...I think I need to print it out as a reminder. The "monotony" part hung around in the back of my mind and surfaced occasionally until it really sunk in that the poverty of the banal life was actually an opportunity (which I knew but kinda forgot if you catch my meaning) and the reminder provided me with a needed "attitude adjustment." Thank you, Patricia!


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