Thursday, February 25, 2016

Death as Transformation

Bernadette Roberts
"...If we understood the true nature of the human passage we would see that this undoing (death) is actually a divine creative act. In other words, by a single non-perceptible act the divine brings us (self or consciousness) into being, and by another such act we move into eternal life or the divine. This is no backward movement; what we think of as an undoing is actually a further doing.

“By one act we come from God; by another act we return to God. It is as simple as that. Between the coming and going, however, is our human passage, virtually the whole of human existence. The divine, of course, is unchanging, while we are always in the process of change, and this movement is our homeward journey."
What Is Self? (pg 149)

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  1. Possibly Home is simply another beginning, for if 'God' is Infinity, or Infinite, could it be our emergence, or evolution, is infinite within That?


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