Monday, February 29, 2016

Desire for Experience

Father Donald Haggerty
"The desire for an experience of God’s presence may bring us to prayer, but the same impulse, if not purified, will exact a later cost. If we become anxious for emotional consolation in prayer, a focus on self can begin to affect the life of solitary prayer.... The habitual desire for a gratifying experience will turn prayer into a self-centered enterprise.
"Then, in one of the ironies of spiritual life, a soul that perseveres in prayer comes away from it more turned toward self then toward God. This desire for satisfaction in prayer leaves many people simply to give up silent prayer. Indeed the abandonment of prayer in this manner by those who aspired to a serious prayer life is one of the more hidden tragedies in the Church."
Contemplative Provocations, page 71

From Patricia: Introduction to quotes for this week, and a suggestion.

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