Monday, February 8, 2016

Desire the Highest

Meister Eckhart
"That we are not able to see God is due to the faintness of desire and the throng of things. To desire high things is to be high. To see God, one must desire high: know that earnest desire and deep humility work wonders. I say that God can do anything, but he cannot deny anything to the person who is humble and yet has high desires and so, if I cannot compel God to do what I want him to do, then I fail either in humility or in desire. I swear it, for I am certain that a man who wanted to do so, might one day be able to walk through a wall of steel, or as we read of St. Peter, that when he laid eyes on Jesus he walked on water in his eagerness to meet him.

"A vessel that grows as it is filled will never be full. The soul is like that: the more it wants the more it is given; the more it receives the more it grows."
Meister Eckhart, R. Blakney Translation, page 233

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  1. Since 'God' is infinite, or Infinity Itself, is it possible growth is infinite - never ends, new emergences keep emerging, wholes within wholes? I read, at times, as though there is an end-point to emergence - whether contemplative, no-self (on this latter, may be misreading, however). Blessings!


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