Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nothing In It for 'Me'

St. Maximilian Kolbe
"The essence of the love of God does not lie in affections or in sweet words, but solely in the will. If the soul perseveres decisively with its will fixed on holiness and love of God, although it does not experience the least feeling in its heart, let it be wholly convinced that it continually tends with rapid pace forward and ever pushes upward."
Quote found at Michael O'Brien Favorite Quotes

(From Patricia: Perhaps it seems I put too much emphasis (and too many quotes!) on the importance of the will in the spiritual journey. What Bernadette Roberts calls 'the will-to-God' creates the path and is the engine that moves us on.)


  1. I don't think there could be too many quotations on the importance of will and the corollary principle that spiritual experience matters little or not at all. I'll bet there are many who, like me, have felt they were doing something wrong when they weren't levitating or hearing choirs of angels when they prayed. However, I'm not sure the issue is "nothing in it for me"; after all, whose will is it we're talking about? Or perhaps there is nothing in it for me in the sense that I am willing that I might transcend my own will one day. Peter

  2. Peter, while I agree that we must use our own free will (whose will we are talking about) to respond to God's will, the 'will-to-God' belongs to God. Using the free will, we align to that greater good until, in a union of wills (the unitive state) they are one. When self is gone, there is no free will. And therein lies the reason for 'nothing in it for me'.

  3. That clarifies it for me Patricia in terms of what you meant. Thank you. I wonder whether what underlies the differences we encounter occasionally is a different sense of God's omnipotence. "Almighty" isn't a word I use often because I see God as perfect Love but I don't see Love in the power terms that "Almighty" usually implies. In short, I'm not sure that God is so Almighty as we have thought for many millennia. I emphasize "I'm not sure" so you won't think me a hopeless case.


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