Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Patience Wins All

Sister Wendy Beckett
"We need great and trustful patience. Patience is far more profound and more all-embracing than it appears to be. To enter deeply into patience means accepting our lowliness and, equally and his power and will to transform us. Reality is his message and patience leads straight to it.

"We seem to see our shabbiness and conclude we are getting absolutely nowhere. It may not be so at all. We long to push ahead, to ‘take it by violence’. But helplessness, accepting the ordinariness of our day is the divine means of purification: all this is painful. So my first word is patience. Affirm his power; wait in trust. And my second is to remind you that pure love is usually experienced as nothingness. If all is his, what is there left for self? So never seek to judge from how it ‘feels’. To go on and on and never see anything ‘happening’: what trust we need!"
Spiritual Letters

Sister Wendy Beckett is a South African-born British art expert, a consecrated virgin, and contemplative hermit who lives under the protection of the Carmelite monastery in Norfolk, England.

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