Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Contemplative Gaze

Bernadette Roberts
"To see and know God’s omnipresence is, in my view, the true nature of “contemplation”, or what it means to “contemplate God”. This is an outward, external gaze at the formless, aloof, ever present mystery of God everywhere. From a purely sensory standpoint, it’s like looking at nothing. It is a gaze at the mystery of what lies behind, throughout or prior to, the sensory world. I stress this as an “outward” gaze, because seeing the Omnipresence can never be an inward gaze."
Essays on the Christian Contemplative Journey, page 12

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  1. This makes sense to me as no inside and no outside. After about 22 years of meditation, I can no longer speak of my doing meditation. There is simply a sense of Presence, and when manipulation arises, by past conditioning, then that is 'seen,' or 'known,' also, and as now conditioning without an owner - no "I" to claim it. Now, as though no ideal of inner or outer, or getting 'anywhere' or effort not to get 'anywhere.' Seems best to drop 'inward' and 'outward,' for to say one implies the other and that Presence is able to divide Itself. Or, could we say, Presence plays as 'outer' or 'inner' as an experience, for Presence manifests, but is not either? I still have time alone in Quiet daily, for I enjoy that, too, as the play, the dance, of Grace. My sense is in the Infinite, even with no-self, still Grace likes to do, to engage, and there or yet depths of Love to come to know. bkw


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