Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Eternal Moment


"It was as if I had moved, in my mind, away from the central place, as if I had always sat on the throne in mid-consciousness, administering my affairs, and I had stepped down. Then, precisely as if that moving off the center of my own consciousness had set some machinery going, it happened. How can I explain? I can only use negatives.
“I saw nothing, not even a light.
I heard nothing, no voice, no music, nothing.
Nothing touched me. Nor was I conscious of any Being, visible or invisible.
But suddenly, simply, silently, I was not there. And I was there. It lasted for a moment, yet it was eternal, since there was no time.
“And I knew, as certainly as I know I am trying to write it down, as certainly as I know that I live and eat and walk and sleep, that this world, this universe, is precisely as we see it, hear it, know it, and is at the same time completely different. It is as if we see it because we are of it; it is also and at the same time wholly Other.

From “The Following Feet”, quoted in The Protestant Mystics, Anne Fremantle, editor
(Ancilla is the pseudonym of an Episcopalian American writer.)

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