Friday, February 5, 2016

The Eye With Which God Sees Us

Bernadette Roberts
"Because this sighting (Omnipresence) is so simple, it seems to be all but innate. Because it is so simple, however, it may even be objected this cannot be called a “revelation”. But what makes it a revelation is the sighting, the recognition, the absolute certitude which is ours forever. We often hear people excuse themselves from going to Church with, “Oh, God is everywhere”. Yet they’ve never seen God-Everywhere and merely believing it cannot, and has not, produced this seeing. Seeing this truth is a grace in itself.*
(*Footnote: "Needless to say, there has to be something in the receiver capable of seeing God’s Omnipresence. As to the true nature of this inner eye on God, it turns out to be the same “eye” whereby God sees creation and creation sees God. The “eye”, then, does not belong to us at all.")

Essays on the Christian Contemplative Journey, page 12

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