Friday, February 12, 2016

Understanding is the Purpose of Experience

Bernadette Roberts
"While every child is a product of genes and environment – family, culture, religion and so on – this can never be the whole story of one’s life. Without denying these influences, priority must be given to God’s graced work in the soul, because grace is no respecter of persons, genes, environment, family, culture and so. God does not wait for better circumstances or pamper individual temperaments, nothing can inhibit or deter His work in the soul, and thus no life is complete without this graced accounting.

"But if it is relatively easy to account for heritage and environment, it is not so easy to describe the working of grace and a genuine supernatural experience. As its cause, God does not communicate to the senses, intellect, emotions, or use words, thus the mind is at a loss to account for how it even knows this communication. About all we can account for is our reactions, which can never be a true description of the event itself. The nature of a supernatural communication, however, is knowledge, in fact the whole purpose and end of an experience is to learn something, which means an experience is only as important as what is learned from it."
Contemplative, Introduction

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  1. I sense often what is being learned, again and again, for me, is to let go, again and again, of a logical-linear-conceptual understanding. This is a challenge, partly for I was trained to be an educator, and I get drawn to intellectualization, and find I am where I began, again, - simply knowing, not knowing about.


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