Monday, February 15, 2016

Wisdom is Not Information

Father Donald Haggerty
"While God is the ultimate truth to be sought, it is difficult to experience a need for him while keeping steady companionship with the computer. By means of the machine one is supposed to become wise. But what kind of wisdom is this? Taking hold of truth is easily identified with discoveries of pragmatic usefulness or the acquisition of fact and information. This narrow search for practical benefit suffocates a deeper hunger of the human soul. 
"The struggle for religious insight and for God, unanswerable at the touch of a keyboard, can be neglected provided the electricity continues to flow. In this sense the new century is a new era. The challenge to faith may not be primarily from an aggressive rejection of God. In a culture of technology the question of God can be simply ignored as lacking practical purpose, a wasteful glance at fanciful vapors."
Contemplative Provocations, page 41

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  1. Wise words. One writing now learned the futility of using social media to get a following for what was felt deeply true - words unappreciated amidst the popular 'spiritualities' of the spiritual consumeristic marketplace. Grace!


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