Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Christ in the Here and Now

Bernadette Roberts
“If we could really do this – love God above all things, people and self – we would come rather quickly to a deeper dimension of Christ, which is our identification with him in the unitive state of oneness with God. In this state we identify with Christ on a profound subjective level wherein Christ is no longer confined to known objective historical personality or human form, but is now realized as equally the manifestation of our own life and historical reality. 
“This does not mean Christ’s historical humanity is left behind, but it does mean that having seen the limitations and impermanence of our own historical personality and social circumstances, we now see the same limitations in Christ’s historical manifestation. It goes without saying, of course, that we can no more leave Christ’s humanity behind then we can leave our own behind. But at the level of union with God, the emphasis is not on the past historical or biblical Christ but on the living manifestation of Christ in the here and now.”
What is Self?, page 133

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