Thursday, March 3, 2016

God is Beyond Scripture

Bernadette Roberts
"For sure, should man experience a true revelation of God, he would be hard put to find it in scripture – because he’d be out of any anthropomorphic personification and all the images it conjures. To interpret metaphors and personifications of God as Truth is literally the death-knell of any authentic revelation of God. While metaphors and analogies have their place, people must be warned not to take them as the literal Truth of anything – this is how people make God a god. The problem with personified metaphors is their becoming so mentally concretized and imbedded in people’s minds, they are virtually handed down from one generation to the next like original sin.

"God, of course, does not depend on scripture for the Truth of anything. For some people, however, God has to be in accord with their scriptures, otherwise God doesn’t exist – because God could never reveal anything outside or apart from the ‘book’. If people thought God actually revealed what is not in their ‘book’, they could never believe it. This is how scripture works not only to box God in, but to box people in."
The Real Christ, Father-Son Problem


  1. Dear Patricia,
    Your book "Looks Like Lost" has made me love God more, and and trust God more!!! It is said that Bach would dedicate his manuscripts, "To the greater glory of God!" Though these words don't appear as such in your work, your work
    entirely glorifies God, especially in your wholly unpretentious, profound, and very specific testimony to your grace-driven journey.
    Beyond sheerly inspiring, your book is full of powerful and practical pointers that I can see will be helpful in my growth in love of God. Moreover, your quite personal yet richly instructive remarks on the Eucharist in your life will surely delight readers who are lovers of the Blessed Sacrament, the Christ of Heaven with us even still.

    Thank you dearly, Patricia!

    Joe Conti, Ph.D.
    Department of Comparative Religion
    California State University at Long Beach

  2. The quotation from Bernadette exemplifies why I value her so highly as I do. She thinks outside the box of religion as it has developed, she is not timid or tepid, her faith is in God to an inspiring extent. Peter


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