Saturday, March 5, 2016

Last Word on the 'Feelings' Subject

Dom Eugene Boylan 
"In practice, no human being could serve God with his whole heart, unless his sensitive nature found some delight to draw it to God; for we are people, not angels. But there is a tremendous difference between the ‘feelings’ that have their origin in the higher powers, and which overflow into the senses, as sometimes happens, especially in the higher flights of spiritual life, and the ‘feelings’ that have their origin in the senses, and which tend for their own sake to draw the higher powers down after them. 
"Much of the ‘devotion’ experienced in the earlier part of the spiritual life has a good measure of this latter ‘feeling’ in it. God forbid, however, that we should despise it, for often such consolation may come from God. It is a great help to detach our hearts from the consolations of creatures, and to move the whole heart in its search for God. But to imagine that real devotion consists in such feelings is a fatal error."
Difficulties in Mental Prayer, Chapter 2 
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