Friday, March 4, 2016

Let the Fires Die Down

Father Donald Haggerty
"Relying on an affective experience of faith will demand eruptions of emotional release to prove its quality. Diminished emotion, on the other hand, will place faith’s sense of God in question. With the wavering of unstable emotion, and too much sensitivity to this, there is bound to be spiritual trouble.
"When emotion is drained and God is no longer felt, the anxiety to spark passion in an unfeeling heart may be strong. Perhaps, as Luther surmised, the felt misery of sinfulness becomes the remedy for stirring faith’s passion. After sinning, one’s faith can take a passionate leap toward the saving Lord of the cross. But such a pattern hardly bespeaks a soul advancing in grace toward a deeper union with God."
Contemplative Provocations, pages 72-73

(From PatriciaFr. Haggerty is not saying 'try to feel nothing' but rather, when in the course of loving God as best you can the emotional highs, the fervent devotion seems to disappear, do not try to stir something up again by the cycle/circle of sin-sorrow-repentance-forgiveness-relief. Just wait in the silence and nothingness because God is very close there and leading you in the sure way.)

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