Friday, March 11, 2016

Longing for Home

Father Richard Rohr
"We are told that even children with a sad or abusive childhood still long for 'home' or Mother in some idealized form and still yearn to return to it somehow, maybe just to do it right this time. 
"What is going on there? Agreeing with Jung, I believe that the One Great Mystery is revealed at the beginning and forever beckons us forward toward its full realization."
Falling Upward, page 89
(link is to PDF which is downloaded on opening)

(From Patricia: Any of you who read the story of my own journey (Looks Like Lost) know that this quote expresses exactly how it went for me.)

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  1. My own feeling much unloved and isolated as a child, living in the rural area far from a town or city and with no friends to associate with, and distant parents, was formative in my 'throwing myself' into love for Jesus and, finally, into professional ministry at 'too early' an age - age 15. Longing can send us down many hallways, on our way forward to Home and, finally, to Home was always loving us every step, until the longing was lost, dissolved in the search itself.


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