Friday, March 25, 2016

Our Own Good Friday

Father Alfred Delp
"We should never despair even in our darkest hours. We should remember that God shares our life, that through the Holy Spirit we can be on the most intimate terms with God and that God is always there, when outward pressure is at its worst, helping us to carry our burdens over the roughest places on our weary road. 
"There is no fiber of our being that the healing Spirit cannot reach as long as we are willing to let it do its creative, healing work. It goes on in silence within us and we should remind ourselves constantly that in alliance with God we possess powers of recuperation which enable us to endure the most grievous wounds without flinching and go on meeting the demands life makes on us."

(From PM: When reading this quote keep in mind that Father Delp wrote it from a Nazi concentration camp. He was a German Jesuit priest condemned to death by the Nazis. He kept hope and faith alive in the worst possible situation. His life illuminates his words.)

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