Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Revelation of Man

Bernadette Roberts
"We usually think God needs to be “revealed”, but not man himself. While everyone knows human nature as it exists on earth, what he does not know, however, is human nature as it does not exist on earth. Christ is not the revelation of what man is now – nobody needs that to be revealed – but what man is to become – become Christ, that is. 
"Man’s earthly existence tells him nothing about his eternal existence. He may think he knows, but until it is a fait accompli, he doesn’t know. All he has is hope, ideas and various beliefs. With the revelation of Christ, however, God has revealed what more man is to be – Christ, man’s eternal oneness with God."
The Real Christ, Incarnation

(From Patricia: I am not including page numbers when quoting from The Real Christ as my copy is quite old and I believe the page numbers have changed. I will instead, state the chapter title.)

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