Saturday, March 12, 2016

The End of Sin

Bernadette Roberts
"I am as convinced today as I was momentarily convinced as a child, that the real tragedy of Christ's death is that so few understand it. The general interpretation is that Christ gave up his self so the rest of us would not have to do so. He did it, so now the rest of us are free. That we should have a liberated self when Christ (in the resurrection) has no self, makes no sense. 
"Self is not our true life or our eternal nature; it is but a temporary mechanism useful for a particular way of knowing, and in some ways, equivalent to our notion of original sin. Self may not be sin, but certainly it is the cause of sin, and what needs to be overcome is not the effects, but the cause itself. To be forgiven is not enough; eventually there must be an end to the very need to be forgiven."
The Experience of No Self

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