Monday, April 4, 2016

Back Ground of Awareness

Father Donald Haggerty
 “Knowledge of God permeates attention and influences perception. God as a living presence becomes a background to daily vision.”
Contemplative Provocations, pages 53

(From Patricia:  This is a description of life in the Unitive State.)


  1. I know you gave out your email but for future if I don't receive a quote of the day who do I contact ? Thank you.

    1. Unfortunately there is no one who can help when the quote does not show up. The failure is caused by an automatic thing called a 'burner' which is supposed to send them out every morning at 5:00. About once a month it doesn't go out - but then goes out the next day, along with the one for that day. Aggravating, I agree, but beyond fixing.


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