Thursday, April 7, 2016

Christ is Not a 'Who'

Bernadette Roberts
"Since Christ was Jesus’ oneness with God (theosis), the death of Christ on this earth is (like Jesus) the death of every man’s personal oneness with God. This is the death of the one (person or self) ‘who’ knew and experienced his oneness with God. This is the death of his entire earthly identity. Though a body remains, in truth, it is ‘nobody’." 
"All this means is that the eternal Christ is no particular individual person or ‘who’ someone is. To become God’s own universal human nature and participate in God’s divine nature, every particular person has to die. To become Christ means to become God’s own human nature and not the humanity of this or that person."
 The Real Christ, Chapter: Death of Christ

(From Patricia: These are "hard sayings". I encourage everyone who wants to understand it more fully to read The Real Christ.)

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  1. The amazing thing about hard writers is that you read, you don't understand but you know intuitively that there is truth in it. This induces the reader to ask what the writer means, which is the beginning of learning. That's how it works for me anyway. Peter


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