Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Echoes of an Infinite Horizon

Father Daniel O’Leary
"There is an undertow of unfulfillment that only union with our source and our destiny will heal and complete. To be tormented by restlessness is one of the many frustrating consequences of being both human and divine at the same time! There is no escape from the echoes of an infinite horizon. We live in the thin place where mysteries meet."
Unmasking God: Revealing God in the Ordinary

(From Patricia: I once mentioned my restlessness in a conversation with Jack Kornfield. He suggested staying with it and refusing to be moved. He said, "As you sit or lie there just say to yourself, 'Now I'll be the first person in the world ever to die from restlessness'. Commit yourself to dying from it." I tried it and it was like allowing yourself to burn up. Needless to say I did not die from it, but the exercise helped me break the cycle of reaction to the feeling thereby allowing me a better understanding of it.) 

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