Saturday, April 23, 2016

Fullness of the Unitive Way

Bernadette Roberts
"This third phase represents the peak of the unitive life, ushering in the fullness of the contemplative experience. In this unified state, the continuous interior silence is much like the habitual prayer-of-quiet that, because it is habitual, appears quite natural and, of itself, constitutes the backbone of the unitive life. Apart from this, either at times of prayer or when otherwise not occupied, all faculties enter into this silence and remain for long periods lost in God. Here too, due to the silencing of the memory, we become familiar with a certain sense of loss-of-self which is unspectacular and impermanent. 
"From the depths of this interior union born a great strength, an accumulation of the power and energy of love that, after drawing us inward, will now move us outward because it cannot be contained within. This love is the burning flame that would suffer every trial and forfeit its life and experiences to be able to give as it has received."
The Path to No-Self, pages 10-11
Phases of the Unitive Life, Phase III

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