Wednesday, April 20, 2016

God's Ways are Not Our Ways

Father Donald Hagerty 
"It is a repeated observation of St. John of the Cross that God frustrates souls in a preliminary trial when he intends to draw them closer in love. ...Trials do not reflect a sign of disfavor with God. Rather, the reverse is indicated. God is offering an invitation, even if it hardly seems so. He is teaching, even if it seems a harsh lesson. It may be a hard truth to accept that God’s greater love is proven by the prevalence of trials we could not foresee, and by their lingering despite every plea for their removal. It is a rare soul that learns to be not surprised at this.
"There are indeed many shocks in what can seem to be God’s rough treatment. Perhaps it is not unusual that we attempt to persuade God to be more gentle in his manner. It appears sometimes that nothing moves God in this regard. More love for God, for example, rather than overcoming a trial, will seem on occasion to extend the duration of the time of trial. But at the end of the day we face always the same question. Would we prefer to love less if it meant not to suffer?"
Contemplative Provocations, Ignatius Press

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