Wednesday, April 6, 2016

No One "Leaves' the Body

Bernadette Roberts
"The Eucharist goes beyond the visible form of Christ’s physical body as it walked this earth, and beyond our own body as it, too, makes this same passage. Neither at his death nor his ascension did Christ “leave” his body, and so, too, neither at our death or dissolution into God do we “leave” the body. 
"Nothing so reveals this truth as the ascension experience when Christ’s body seemingly evaporated into a cloud – disappeared from sight. Yet his body remains (“I go in order to come”); it has gone nowhere, and being nowhere in particular it is everywhere. Since we cannot point to everywhere, the Eucharistic Christ is the microcosm of everywhere and no different from “everywhere”. We do not know where Christ is NOT, but we do know where Christ IS – the Eucharist."
What is Self?, page 137

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