Friday, April 29, 2016

The 'Antidote'

Bernadette Roberts
"After the Dark Night, the type of silence I met was like the great calm after the storm….This silence, however, is  not a silence of the mind, but a coming upon the permanent accessibility to the still-point that can now always be seen, and into which the self can descend or dissolve through varying levels and degrees of silence. 
"This was ever a joy and on-going refuge from the troubled waters that often surged overhead, for the still-point is a place of peace and imperturbability, lying deep below the surface of life’s events and surroundings. Though I would often wonder where my silence left off and where God’s began, I eventually found enough troubles in life just be glad we were “there” – and let the devil take the rest."
The Experience of No Self (1982 Shambala), page 94

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